Supercharge Your Workflows

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with AI-driven tournament management. Automate scheduling, optimize bracket generation, and ensure fair matchups, all while minimizing manual errors. Experience smoother operations, enhanced team satisfaction, and more time to focus on what truly matters: the love of the game.

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AI-Powered Pooling

Less Team Requests for Pool Changes

Our AI reviews the latest pool standings and previous team results vs other teams in their age group. It then uses this data and team requests to ensure that teams are placed in the correct pool.

  • Intelligent Bracket Generation
  • Fair Matchups
  • Drastically Cuts Pooling Time!
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AI-Powered Scheduling

Schedule Games with One Click

Experience seamless tournament game scheduling with AI automation. Eliminate human errors, optimize match timings, and cater to participant preferences with unmatched precision. Elevate your tournament's professionalism with the power of AI.

  • Match Venues To Age Groups
  • Avoid Team Conflicts
  • Account For Non-Local Team Needs

Everything you need to manage your tournament

Our system takes the best parts of state-of-the-art tools and adds its own innovations.

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Mobile-Friendly Website

Add pages, display updates, include sponsors, pre-built FAQ section, automatic score updates, standings and top scorers.

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Register and Pay Online

Collect fees online using Stripe or offer alternative payment options (e-transfer, cheque, etc...).

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Pool Teams

Group teams based on preference or use AI for intelligent bracket generation.

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Schedule Matches

Drag and drop events onto calendar resources or use AI to auto-schedule.

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Score & Record Statistics

Use quick-score or detailed scoring for statistics (goals, infractions, ties, etc...)


We've got you covered

Our platform provides everything you need to manage your online tournament.

Content Management System

Add unlimited pages with images and video to your website in minutes with our user-friendly CMS. Publish pages when ready.

Email Broadcasting

Send notifications by email to all teams or segment based on pool, age group, game location, unpaid, paid, waitlist, or missing roster.

Downloadable Game Sheets

Each team can download their pre-filled game sheets in PDF format. Playoff game sheets are available when teams are determined.

Customize Your Registration Form

Collect any additional information required with our customizable registration forms. Teams can pay by credit card or pay later when accepted.

Track Infractions & Notify Teams

Enter player infractions and send notifications to teams for any suspensions. Game officals can view suspensions to ensure compliance.

Swap Teams

Easily swap existing or new teams between pools to handle team cancellations and last-minute requests.

Support Ticket System

Track incoming support requests through your ticket inbox. Reply to tickets online, assign to other staff, or escalate to technical support.

Role-Based Permissions & Access

Add unlimited new users with admin access or scorekeeper access (based on venue). No additional charges per user!

Custom Sort Tie-Breakers

Initial sort is by Points-Per-Match, then customize tie-breaker sort order using official FIFA conditions (H2H, GD, GA, GF, etc...)

Export Data

Export teams for your own records. Export schedules for importing into facility systems. Export standings for archived results.

Assign Game Officials

Game officials signup to record their availability. Assign them to appropriate matches. Expense reports for easy payment.

Automatic Mercy Rule

Record the actual score and your website displays scores and standings based on the mercy rule (set maximum value in settings).

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